Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Queen! In The Pit?

Let's take the very decorative sensibilities of an aristocratic mindset and put it in the pit at the most private Punk show in Brooklyn and see what we get. If Gingee and the Gun were going to opening night at the Met I'm sure she would rock this frock and still maintain her cool rocker chic status where fashion meets music.
Only McQueen could pull off a look that lends itself to an ageless audience that wants to identify with the historical references that inspire the textile genius of this garment and the contemptuous direction of youthful styling at its best.

Monday, November 1, 2010


If you haven't heard by now the Prince Prints Report is the newest feature and service at Design Works International in New York City. The new studio environment is conducive to the many new directions of fashion because of the the advanced technology of digital fabric printing and a full team of seasoned CAD artists trained to help bring your visions to life on fabric in as little as a few days. No more waiting for months and 3,000 yard minimums, samples can be rendered in 1 yard quantities and in full production quality to create wearable washable garments.

The season holds many new challenges for the publication as we reacquaint with the design community, but we are really excited about the development of thousands of original designs being created for Fall '11. It is important for new designers to stand out so we are seeing a surge of innovative and once upon a time "impossible" prints to produce. Forging a ready-made branded image by starting of with personalized looks that are indigenous to the house that has not yet been built "IS" the trend.

Also new to The Design Works Family is world renowned studio "Daniel Sagar Textile Collections" and the birth of an in house stationary brand. In this time of an economic downturn it is great to see the backbones of fashion and textile design joining forces to bring beautiful things to market for apparel & home furnishings.