Monday, August 24, 2009

PPR MB FW 2009 Fall

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The CFDA In PRINTS: Soft, Indifferent, & Bold

Tracy Reese (Above), floated through a plush and cascading landscape of flowers that was soft and demuire .  The Season calls for a floral pattern that has intricate beauty and sits just like a Fantin-Latour oil materpiece painting, overwhelming subtlty.
It was really Great to see so many designers at this event in examples of their own work to salute and champion the initiatives of other (CFDA)member designers.  The patterns seen on the red carpet were up to the minute statements about this seasons approach to the trends and the

Coco Rocha, (Above) showed how an entire mood and emotional response can be envoked by a masterfully executed print.  Michael Kors is always very specific in his print stories, as this 

Friday, May 29, 2009

VICTOR GLEMAUD: Knows Modern Men

Clean, graphic, fresh, timeless....and NEW.  Victor Glemaud puts sexy into summer .  He has delivered The Look is that is shockingly appropriate.
Above the knee is the new men's mini that is sure to draw attention to the fact that, its very "OK"for a man to look alluring and in some cases, beautiful.
 In regards to heat, for those events where the weather is extreme this season, a neutral palette paired with minimal graphics is a necessary look as well as it is a  charming and debonaire one.

So 60' 80' RIGHT NOW!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fashion @ The French

Venus Williams!  A phenomenal combination of exceptional talent and genetic perfection has propelled this athlete to unheralded heights .  She has been making fashion news while competing for championshps at the highest level in tennis in her own designs.  To speak on her 2009 French Open look (Below), she strolled on to the stage at Roland Garros in one of the season's most talked about trends, the Ikat print. 
A fabric made using an Indonesian decorative technique in which warp or weft threads, or both,  are tie-dyed before weaving.  That makes this kind of fabrication extremely special, and wonderfully mastered as a print.  It is a fantastic stretch forward in activewear campaigns becoming more like RTW apparel.  Venus' clothing line "11" is on the mark for keeping the sport-set in the loop of what is stylish and very "Right Now".

Friday, May 22, 2009

Skull Culture

I was recently asked if skulls were still "in" by a major fashionista seeking out some print direction.  The truth of the matter is that skulls have been a part of design culture for longer than anybody can possibly remember.  They come and go with different brands who venture out once and a while to catch the eye of the consumer who appreciates the tattoo stylings of the "object d'macabre."

There are those who go out and get a tattoo and those who just want one as a fashion accessory in the color of the season.  
A couple years ago it was the thing to do after Ralph Lauren ran a skull print in his home furnishings line.  Once retailers saw that the king of the preppy guard went" street", it was a whirlwind race to see who could get the most creative version of the bare cranium design to market first.
It is a widely recognized symbol of cool and no one who knows anything about style would dare say they are "out" except the trend monsters who participate in the buying frenzies of anything that makes them seem hip.
Skulls are modern relics in pop culture that we love to hate and let's face it.....They aren't going anywhere, anytime soon.
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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Put It In The Bag

Summer bags for all occasions bearing prints that express every facet of the season's personality are all up for grabs. Florals, ethnics, geometrics, and vintage favorites will all make places for themselves on the boards for inspiration and optimum trend impact.

Marc Jacobs leads the race with all kinds of goodies at every price point and for every kind of customer. The "Miss Marc" tote (Above) by Marc by Marc is a darling character inspired by the fashionistas of the world. A more complicated fabrication of a heart applique' pattern on the "Andy" tote (Below) strikes a jackpot on the "Must Have" lists of women all over the globe.

Elaine Turner makes a great statement with her "Ring Handle" tote (Above) that bears a funky 60's print rendered with clean bold graphics and colors that pop with vibrancy and eye-catching style.

Juicy Couture is known for their regal crests & heraldic icons, but they chose to switch gears with the chain strap hobo (Above) this season and use an ethnic look called the "Stewart-Inez" print.

Flowers are a season requirement because they connote the feelings of growth, sunshine and of course, SUMMER. Kenneth Cole throws a large scale abstract print in the mix (Above) for a relatively striking floral-like concept.

Design giants like Chloe' and Kate Spade take the flower concept a tad more seriously and initiate more literal interpretations. "Les Jardins" by Chloe' (Above) is a true to life garden scene and "Fairchild Garden" (Below) by Kate Spade depicts a subdued impression of blooming tulips.

If you remember last season's Dooney& Bourke giraffe print that swept the market, then you can appreciate Michale Kors choosing to capitalize on the success and run a very similar rendition on a large shopping tote(Above).

The world is making a commitment to go green and designers are making every effort to correspond with designs that adhere to this principle in both form and function. Orla Kiely delivers a cross-hatch burlap print overlapped with the trademark vine print (above). A very organic feeling is the message delivered by Longchamp with the "Bambou" tote (Below).

Longchamp has very fun and recreational bags this season for both sides of the Atlantic. The cleverly named "It" bag makes the statement all on its' own and a very futuristic bag rocking the name "Xlight Imprime" (Below) is a pixelated pattern that has influenced many brands to follow suit.

Tokidoki is all that is Harajuku and then some. The print is a feeling that is very recognizable as their own and packs a punch on any shaped bag. (Below)

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Newly Ruined

Every once in a while a collection of very interesting combinations comes along and awakens our intrigue with the unusual. Miu Mui made a very memorable and noteworthy statement on urban decay this season in Milan with the prints showcased in the Spring 2009 Collection.
Ancient hieroglyphics were the underlying theme of the patterns that were approached from several different perspectives and infused with urban influences. A mosaic technique (Above) gave the dress a regal appearance as if encrusted with individual ceramic tiles.
Some of the prints have a more literal interpretation (Above) and procure elements from a civilization that began with the age of fashion.

Perhaps the most significant was the interpretation of the "Ruins of Europe" being defaced by graffiti tag artists (Above, Below). An unsightly visual that has become common in modern culture and Miu Miu displayed it perfectly with winning and unexpected style as an homage to both art forms.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Let's Go To Bed

When it comes to dressing the bed, even the most stylish of fashion enthusiasts find themselves lost for exactly what will work in terms of texture, pattern and color. Bedding comes in many gauges and classifications from affordability to unsurpassed luxury for every taste level. It's only befitting that one of the world's largest home retailers, Ikea, offers some of the most affordable and appealing choices in the contemporary categories that appeal to both men and women.

The "Andrea Satin " (above) is the very functional stripe variation in a retro color combination that makes a good choice to dress the room up or down.
The "Jorun Vaxt" (Above) offers a more subdued and tonal palette that caters to a more refined and neutral aesthetic.

The "Unni Trad" (Above) is a very versatile ensemble because of the many colors the pattern yields for coordinates. Also, the tye dye effect is great for those who live in the bed or have kids and pets because it is virtually impervious to stains and wear.

The true Scandinavian origin of the design principles at Ikea are always apparent in their presentation of prints throughout the catalog of choices. The "Unni Slinga" (Above) and the "Hedda Blom"(Below) are patterns that are affordable alternatives to other Nordic favorites such Merimekko and Orla Kiely.
The "Kajsa Trad" (Below) is an elementary yet effective color block that provides a botanical motif that brings an organic and calming quality to any room designed around the bed as a focal point.

The "Beata Orkide" (Below) is a batik large scale floral in a universal colorway that epitomizes the balance of a both masculine and feminine look. This technique was mastered by Calvin Klein Home who coined "The Sex and The City" bed, with the hugely successful pattern, "Bamboo Floral."  The Ikea Bedding Collection is definitely a front runner in stylish bedding for the the millennium.
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