Thursday, February 12, 2009

"New But Old"... Is The New "Old But New"

The Kris Van Assche Collection Spring 2009, is like opening your grandfather's vintage cigar box and finding a fresh batch of gummi bears. A well designed vintage floral stripe (above) has given Spring foilage a growth spurt. Noticeably, a refreshing yet masculine take on the floral trend that is gaining momentum in the men's market.
The abstract watercolor board shorts (above) are a fun and sporty twist when paired with a well tailored jacket.The choices to pair the old with the new seem to click in a way that relates to the metropolitan"fashionisto" who wants to be appropriately hip and stylish.
Notable: The Runway presentation also had a "fannypack" (below) and a "tote"(bottom) stamped with this same print and it gave this show just the right amount of iconic zest that's missing in mens fashion. These are must haves for the "guy-on-the-go" whose day requires him to carry more than just keys and a wallet.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mi Casa, Su Casa...Armani Casa!

Fine Fashionable fabrics over simple elegant forms and delivering glamour and beauty to refined luxury interiors is the Giorgio Armani creed for furniture. Metropolitan living is synonomous with sharp clean design and timeless patterns that endure the whimsicality of passing trends. The silhouette of the Turnadot Sofa from Armani Casa (above) offers sophistication and modern refinement in the most handsome and clever way possible. The sofa takes on a beautiful minamalist elegance when combined with a neutral palette and the simplicity of large scale geometric shapes. The print plays on the familiar without being as obvious and boring as a plaid, and brings a unifying theme to a classic decor.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Obama Alta Moda

The merchandising surrounding the newly elected President of the United States, Barack Obama has reached markets never before chartered by any political movement.  We all found the need to wear a T-shirt or maybe a button or two bearing the Commander-in-Chief's likeness to show how visibly supportive a constituency could be during his campaign.  The Italian house of Gattinoni proved that this high-powered political figure fosters intrinsic beauty that is beyond satire, and makes room for a fashionable statement that is forever relevant.  The solarized pop image used on this caftan has become synonymous with the promise of "hope and change", clearly the predominant trend of choice across the globe.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Magnificent.  Intriguing.  Avant Garde. M.I.A. is not only one of the hottest artist to emerge from the Brooklyn music scene she is also setting the new standard for hip-hop chic.  She rocked an opulent ethnic print with a peacock colorway that gave her pregnant frame just the right silhouette to pull off such a risky combination.  Manish Arora (designer) is well known for his unconventional styling and creating garments that are of a distinctly couture nature.  

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Polka Couture

Now whether you know it or not, polka dots are a print.  They have been around for longer than anyone can seem to remember and seem to find their way on to the boards of inspiration every season.  They are classified as a "geometic" in textiles but for some reason they seem to have the same endearing qualities of a floral print and the recognizable components of a conversational print. Dots are a major key item for Spring '09 in every facet of the market from nightgowns to ball gowns. In these looks from the Christian Lacriox Couture show, they take on a silhouette of sophistication and elegance because he creates a moment of motion by accenting with a smaller scale. 

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Save The Garment Center!

This is not a new topic at all, but, it is one that that will forever be newsworthy to those it affects directly. There is no question in my mind that these two designers Anna Sui (above) and Nanette Lepore (below), will top my charts for "Top 10 Spring Shows,"  
as well as having printed looks in virtually every category. However, I feel as though the strongest statements made for the season are in the finale looks being worn by the designers themselves.  "Save The Garment Center" is a serious issue that is not only affecting showrooms around NYC, but all over the world.  Small design houses and private labels alike are struggling for business and having to close their garment district showrooms because of escalating rental rates.  The textile buildings are being taken over by luxury lofts, financial, legal, and other non fashion businesses that bring a new dynamic to a once predominately creative area.  Let's show some support to our neighbors by joining and I expect to see lots of t-shirts in the tents this season.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Fashion Valentine

Is it possible to maintain a sweet sensibility when merged with a slight hint of sex appeal? Marc Jacobs seems to have answered that question with a definite "yes" season after season. Below, the heralded designer has captured Sofi's innocense and still managed to incorporate a flirtatious innuendo that is lively and cheerful. You have to love the feeling of this look from the Resort '09 collection and the asymetrical scalloping that reinforces the heart shapes and makes a complete departure from the predictable use of eyelets and lace.

Monday, February 2, 2009

The New Skull

If you haven't bought at least one item that has a skull placement in the past few seasons then you are truly living in an underground world of anti-hip. I'm starting to notice that even the most chic of fashionistas and dudes alike are being spotted around town sporting an edge that isn't inspired by punk music, iconic rap bling, or "done to death" grunge. What's being heralded as the "Alternative Skull" is an array of tribal-like gargoyles that serve as a transfiguration for the new universal symbol of cool. Retailers realize the the i-generation isn't afraid of anything and want to express this daring confidence in their merchandising by rocking motifs that connote danger and an unquestionable sense of fearlessness.I'm constantly being asked by mass market clients to find "danger" inspired motifs that are mom & school friendly to keep up with this blanketed trend. Aside from the success of the Ed Hardy tattoo phenomenon, no brand is really ready to challenge the moods of the PTA and potentially jeopardize the image of their brand by yeilding to a "moment ose'." This Victor and Rolf T-shirt paired with the geometric tights makes the super cool Shalom (model, IMG) look super hip & fresh.