Thursday, January 7, 2010

sans formal: MORE LUXURIOUS

Nicolas Ghesquière 
House of Balenciaga

If Spring 2010 is about pushing buttons then this fashion elevator is stopping on every floor.  Balenciaga delivers a daring statement about the influences of modern technology without being an artistic reference to urban decay.
The horizontal stripe is playing a huge role in the way we see our torsos in the silhouettes of Spring 2010.  Draped leather is a feeling that will challenge the structural standards we've been seeing on the racks lately.

Vegetable-dyed leather gives birth to a luxurious texture that will take the place of any denim collection debuting on the racks.  Who knew denim would get boring?!?
Do I even have to mention the drama of the open toe boots that add to the casual luxury of the girl who wants it all, even in her down time.

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