Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Clean, Clear & Abstract

The eyes always react to pattern and color, but lately designers have been arousing the senses by exaggerating proportions in silhouettes that are interesting in beautiful and insouciant ways. Nicolas Ghesquiere @ Balenciaga always seems to build on ideas that extend beyond the mere conceptual novelty and stimulate fashion intellect by challenging what we "think"we know about design.

The variant proportions of the topcoat (above) combines the dexterity of street wear and the formality of gentlemanly essentials. As Spring roll outs are preparing to ship to stores worldwide it's exciting to know that there is something to look forward to for a change.
We saw a lot of skins covered this Fall/Winter in every market so expect more of the same in the form of theoretical updates for Spring/Summer 2011.

A very simplistic yet disfigured stripe (pants, shirt) takes on the exotic qualities of an animal skin by delicately pairing positive & negative tonalities for a superlative graphic effect.

*Style Note
"Menswear is looking to overemphasive the mid-section with visibly dramatic belting added above the waist & to outerwear."

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