Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Soon after talking to several high end and moderate market designers, the verdict is in...Holiday is a wrap, and let's move on to Spring 2009 with something special to wow the buyers. The age old dilemma of delivering a collection that is fresh, and focused on leisure is still the task at hand, and with all of the intricacies entailed. Basically, let's design for a customer that will be touring the sunbelts of the world, while the rest of the shopping floor is reflective of the weather at hand.

With so many ideas flying about the circuit of market & private label designers, it is impossible to tell what will skyrocket to design stardom and make every editorial feature and claim the illustrious title of TREND. Fractured geometrics, photoreal florals, & safari skins infused with pretty peaches, oranges, & magenta tonals seem to be on the boards at prelimenary go-sees.

The Print highlighted above is one of the most forward out of Europe & quickly making a splash on the boards in the contemporary market interpreting, "Opulent Oasis: Safari." Even if reduced to a mere 4 tones, this print still creates a forward appeal to take the obvious floral a step further in demension and style.

This upcoming season of the vernal equinox will definiely be a colorful display of modern delicate lines playing background to the charactrization of organic shapes and references. But... lets remember, those of us with holiday & resort deliveries...EMBELLISH, EMBELLISH, EMBELLISH!!!...and start planning a winter vacation with a firm Spring direction to build on for a crisp & comfortable new collection.

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