Tuesday, November 13, 2007

What is Urban?

Again, I took a dive in to the minds of my contemporaries to gain some clarity on what is now being dawned as a the new cliche' , "Urban." It was once a term used to describe something that is indigenous to inner city culture and largely influenced by the Hip-Hop community.

The celebrities & supermodels are driving the "street chic" look home from the runway to the red carpet and creating an aesthetic genre that is undefinable but clearly recognizable as "Urban." LuQman of Luzzine Media/Photography states,"Urban is the spice that gives historical depth and colorful flavor to all major metropolitan cities around the world." This easily translates to taking what we see and applying it to what we do, and in this case, what we wear.

The recent printed hoodie craze has led to the evolution of the sweatshirt by adding the dimensions of color & embellishment to rival its cousin the T-shirt. Above are textile renderings from the Prints of Orange studio depicting both the literal and abstract approaches to urban apparel concepts. The silhouettes of B-boys in various break dancing poses is a nostalgic hint to a historic movement that inspired a generation. However, on a more sophisticated note the framework of a computer's motherboard makes for an intricate pattern that stands as strong as any contemporary geometric and will debut in children's outerwear later in the season.

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