Thursday, January 8, 2009

Change of Direction

A simple stripe takes on a life of motion and a new orientation of proclivity when Eley Kishimoto fragments the bold bands of color and tosses them around.  This is a fun and flirty look for all ages in a patriotic geometric. 
Here DKNY challenges the eye to make sense out of the familiar by wedging linear anarchy between the visual texture of calibrated ikats.  The pieces are quirky and speak loudly as an collective statement, and I think we can all appreciate the need to take a creative vacation from the norm.

Changing the scale of a simple print in the breadth of a repeat(elements of a design duplicated to create a uniform pattern) can formulate an engineered look of contrived harmony by simply shifting the negative space in a purposeful manner.  Dries Van Noten is an eminent soveriegn of print innovation and this look is just another masterpiece for the archives.

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