Friday, January 16, 2009

Goddess of Trends

Though there were no Greek tragedies in the theaters in 2oo8, the myth of Aphrodite will surely walk the red carpet at the Oscar's this year. Virtually every designer that boasts to interpret eveningwear opted to insert toga-like draping into the collection this season. Above, in a typical Missoni approach, a minimal geometric design gives this organic shape a deeper sense of character and a slighty tribal take on the initial concept.

First, I must comment on how exciting is it to see Halston(above) back in the swing of things and showing in the tents. The tie-dye effect is achieved via the new technology of digital printing and it is quite an impressive and authentic looking piece without looking computerized or overdone.

Yigal Azrouel (above), is perhaps more influenced by the more casual side of this look that is slowly coming into dominance on the streets of Paris. However, the silhouette is an homage to the Greco-Roman magnetism of this trend and the vertebrae print adds effortless flow to the gown.

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