Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Fashion Valentine

Is it possible to maintain a sweet sensibility when merged with a slight hint of sex appeal? Marc Jacobs seems to have answered that question with a definite "yes" season after season. Below, the heralded designer has captured Sofi's innocense and still managed to incorporate a flirtatious innuendo that is lively and cheerful. You have to love the feeling of this look from the Resort '09 collection and the asymetrical scalloping that reinforces the heart shapes and makes a complete departure from the predictable use of eyelets and lace.


  1. Rodney,
    You are spot on! Also love the longer take on it on Vika. This whole resort collection looks inspired by YSL. It has so many connotations to it. The "Le Smoking" feel of the jackets and trenches, some with a hint of Chanel. Also, the jewel tones, tuxedo bows, wider shoulders and cumberbunds add to the look. The 80's, so overdone of late, rings a little fresher here with the tunics, dresses, sun visor, etc. And do I detect a hint of "mom jeans" here in the cut of the pants? Very exaggerated waistline skimming the hip and narrowing at the ankle is echoed in many of the sleeves. The look you have shown could be a spin off the beloved YSL ruffly blouses. What do you think? Good lookin' out! LOL Perlouez

  2. i love that dress!!!! miss u :)


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