Monday, February 2, 2009

The New Skull

If you haven't bought at least one item that has a skull placement in the past few seasons then you are truly living in an underground world of anti-hip. I'm starting to notice that even the most chic of fashionistas and dudes alike are being spotted around town sporting an edge that isn't inspired by punk music, iconic rap bling, or "done to death" grunge. What's being heralded as the "Alternative Skull" is an array of tribal-like gargoyles that serve as a transfiguration for the new universal symbol of cool. Retailers realize the the i-generation isn't afraid of anything and want to express this daring confidence in their merchandising by rocking motifs that connote danger and an unquestionable sense of fearlessness.I'm constantly being asked by mass market clients to find "danger" inspired motifs that are mom & school friendly to keep up with this blanketed trend. Aside from the success of the Ed Hardy tattoo phenomenon, no brand is really ready to challenge the moods of the PTA and potentially jeopardize the image of their brand by yeilding to a "moment ose'." This Victor and Rolf T-shirt paired with the geometric tights makes the super cool Shalom (model, IMG) look super hip & fresh.


  1. Hey Rodney,
    First, thanx so much for you and you sisters subscription to my blog. I hope you like it. Let me know because I need some feedback. I am truly feeling the gargoyle print. I have always been into them because I watch so many horror films. I think they may be safe if parents really know the history behind them. Actually they were created to ward off evil spirits. How ironic, but then the best prints are, don't you think? Irony adds tension and a certain amount of edge. I think you might watch out for tarot card prints too. I was in downtown Seattle this weekend and saw 2 Japanese girls wearing t-shirts sporting this motif. It was really on point. It was downplayed by a sort of sweet "Doris Day" kind of grundge (beiges and acid yellows). Very chic to me and sophisticated in a way. Beautifully done because the grundge had been reinvented into sort of a classic feeling. About time since Seattle grundge is now a bit of a classic for the "i" generation. If I weren't 49, I would sport the hell out of that look. I think I'll have to find a way to do it. It was just too cool. I will keep you posted on that one. LOL Perlouez

  2. Anonymous7.2.09

    Please don't forget some of the beginners "Crome Heart" and all the knock offs that has followed. Crome Heart is still some of the best quality and most expensive on the market and they stand behind there work, I know I've had a piece repaired. Keep up the good work. Charles Henderson (Kampala, Uganda) always love!


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