Thursday, December 6, 2007

No Lines On My Stripes Please,...

A print is intended to evoke an emotion and then to pinpoint a collection's focus or drive a Brand's direction. By implanting a definitive element to create the effects of contrast and texture, this same strategy is adopted for the placement of a stripe and a plaid. Simple geometry it is not, because it is every designer's challenge at one point or another to get their creative juices jammed with linear formatting.

This pattern is fashioned and referenced by vintage Ikats designed to explore surreal impressions of a stripe by Coloured Zebra Print Studio Paris, France. It will be a refreshing way to approach the abstract & tribal trends that will dominate the editorial features for the transitional mid-season deliveries.
Let's define this to be a forward look that allows some freedom to flow within the theorems of engineering skirt borders. Besides the obvious Missoni House of Milan, I know there will be some prominent peices rendered by adopting this look to interpret the retro mood for Spring 2009. RTW Separates, Accessories, & Home will be key markets guiding the trend.

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