Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Newly Ruined

Every once in a while a collection of very interesting combinations comes along and awakens our intrigue with the unusual. Miu Mui made a very memorable and noteworthy statement on urban decay this season in Milan with the prints showcased in the Spring 2009 Collection.
Ancient hieroglyphics were the underlying theme of the patterns that were approached from several different perspectives and infused with urban influences. A mosaic technique (Above) gave the dress a regal appearance as if encrusted with individual ceramic tiles.
Some of the prints have a more literal interpretation (Above) and procure elements from a civilization that began with the age of fashion.

Perhaps the most significant was the interpretation of the "Ruins of Europe" being defaced by graffiti tag artists (Above, Below). An unsightly visual that has become common in modern culture and Miu Miu displayed it perfectly with winning and unexpected style as an homage to both art forms.

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