Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Let's Go To Bed

When it comes to dressing the bed, even the most stylish of fashion enthusiasts find themselves lost for exactly what will work in terms of texture, pattern and color. Bedding comes in many gauges and classifications from affordability to unsurpassed luxury for every taste level. It's only befitting that one of the world's largest home retailers, Ikea, offers some of the most affordable and appealing choices in the contemporary categories that appeal to both men and women.

The "Andrea Satin " (above) is the very functional stripe variation in a retro color combination that makes a good choice to dress the room up or down.
The "Jorun Vaxt" (Above) offers a more subdued and tonal palette that caters to a more refined and neutral aesthetic.

The "Unni Trad" (Above) is a very versatile ensemble because of the many colors the pattern yields for coordinates. Also, the tye dye effect is great for those who live in the bed or have kids and pets because it is virtually impervious to stains and wear.

The true Scandinavian origin of the design principles at Ikea are always apparent in their presentation of prints throughout the catalog of choices. The "Unni Slinga" (Above) and the "Hedda Blom"(Below) are patterns that are affordable alternatives to other Nordic favorites such Merimekko and Orla Kiely.
The "Kajsa Trad" (Below) is an elementary yet effective color block that provides a botanical motif that brings an organic and calming quality to any room designed around the bed as a focal point.

The "Beata Orkide" (Below) is a batik large scale floral in a universal colorway that epitomizes the balance of a both masculine and feminine look. This technique was mastered by Calvin Klein Home who coined "The Sex and The City" bed, with the hugely successful pattern, "Bamboo Floral."  The Ikea Bedding Collection is definitely a front runner in stylish bedding for the the millennium.
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