Friday, May 22, 2009

Skull Culture

I was recently asked if skulls were still "in" by a major fashionista seeking out some print direction.  The truth of the matter is that skulls have been a part of design culture for longer than anybody can possibly remember.  They come and go with different brands who venture out once and a while to catch the eye of the consumer who appreciates the tattoo stylings of the "object d'macabre."

There are those who go out and get a tattoo and those who just want one as a fashion accessory in the color of the season.  
A couple years ago it was the thing to do after Ralph Lauren ran a skull print in his home furnishings line.  Once retailers saw that the king of the preppy guard went" street", it was a whirlwind race to see who could get the most creative version of the bare cranium design to market first.
It is a widely recognized symbol of cool and no one who knows anything about style would dare say they are "out" except the trend monsters who participate in the buying frenzies of anything that makes them seem hip.
Skulls are modern relics in pop culture that we love to hate and let's face it.....They aren't going anywhere, anytime soon.
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