Saturday, May 2, 2009

Models, Artists, & Designers: A Creative Conference

The airbrush technique is the modern watercolor for creating beautiful patterns of luminous motifs and textural designs that celebrate the season of Spring/Summer. Master artists, especially from the Impressionist era, forged a path that epitomizes this very principle and is still very relevant today. A look from Elie Tahari (above) demonstrates this concept in an updated botanical design that will definitely be on the trend boards for the season.

For centuries, artists have used models as a source of inspiration. George Seurat's painting style of fusing softness with light has been inspiring the world in every way possible. His famous painting "The Models" (above), has the kind of tones and hues that have stimulated color stories for every maket imaginable. Its timeless appeal and classic reverence was rendered as if he had an airbrush tool himself.
Today we are celebrating the Model as "The Muse" for sparking the vision of designers and influencing the path of fashion.

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