Tuesday, May 12, 2009

WUNDERKIND: understated genius

Wolfgang Joop (Below) was a pioneer of innovation when he departed from traditional styles and standards of design with his globally licensed brand "JOOP!" His Spring '09 collection for Wunderkind delivers a stellar command performance during London Fashion Week. He unveiled a Japanese military feeling with hints of an era that still very influential by today's design standards.

Some Looks from the Collection:

1.Strategically arranged square shapes in a grey scale proves to be the "non-plaid" plaid of the season.

2.Bold and quirky geometrics (above)that could be worn as jazzy seperates add spice and just the right amout of pattern to revive pieces already in the closet.

4. Mixing and matching prints is simple when you balance the +/- spacing and keep the colors coordinated(above, below).

5. The lotus bloom is an asian textile staple and still has calming properties even after being laced with a soloarized color palette for a youthful effect (above, below).
6. A very feminine floral camouflage(below) is a clever thread in the overall military theme of the show.

7. Eyelets and applique (above,below) are always a reference to yester"year" and add a note of nostalgia to the collection with an updated contemporary technique.

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