Friday, May 15, 2009

Want A New Tattoo?

If you haven't at least heard of the Don Ed Hardy/Christian Audigier tattoo craze that has taken the world by storm then you have been taking a seriously long break from fashion trends. This dynamic empire of lifestyle goods has inspired a movement of ornately embellished items that speak to the mindset of the inner rebel that wants a conversational edge in basic items.
This very popular look has been the wellspring of several look-a-like lines that have surfaced since the brand's meteoric rise to being a celebrity driven style. For several seasons now, Christian Audigier has raised the bar and made the novelty T-shirt (Above) and funky board shorts (Below) more than just a picture screened on a garment.

His style of imaging is easily recognizable and borrows from many forms of graphic art to render designs that are unique and in alignment with the line's objectives. There are comic book and animation references (Above) and 70's vintage concert poster looks (Below) that are very up to date and make for must-have items for the cool & hip.

The image of a skull (below) has become a favorite tattoo symbol with this particular customer base and he has paired it with virtually everything imaginable to keep breathing new life into this ageless icon of danger and revolution.

Available Nordstrom's, Ed Hardy & Christian Audigier Shops

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